Sunday, 23 March 2014

Friends forever till Jannah

Assalamualaikum sueha...

Friends are like onions, 
add taste to your life but if u try to cut it,
u get nothing but drop of tears.
True friend is the one who can simply talk with u bout Allah,
bout our native deen,Islam most of times.
Yup,Islam is our lifestyle not just a religion neither a belief.
They correct u when u went wrong,
they guide u when u're going astray,
they remind u of Allah when u almost forget Him,
they dare to touch ur heart even its door seems like shut,
they ask nothing in reply for loving u except Allah's blessing.

Wan Nasuha Bt Wan Azura

our friendship is the pillar of foundation in my life
thanks for supporting me all the time 
Demi Allah , i will treasure our friendship ..

for all the things i've done and said...
for all the hurt that i've caused you...
i hope you will forgive me my friends..
cause that wasn't what i meant to do..